Monday, February 3, 2014


Here we go!

Right now I want you to focus on the content of the pages before I begin finalizing the text, fonts, images used. What you see is just samples to give you an idea of what the layout could be.

What kind of pages do you want on the site? I've added some page links up top to give you an idea of the things you could add. if you click on each page right now, it will give you some suggestions and things i need from you to add to that page.

I added a facebook social button to the right menu and also a translate button so you can let spanish speakers/readers know they can translate. figured that would be useful to you.

If you want to play around with the blog set up itself log into the yaqui gmail info and go to: Don't worry when everything is done I will show you how to post, edit, etc. :)

The nice thing is that you can post to blogger from your phone too. I know there's a program/web page out there that will allow you to post to blogger and facebook at once so you guys don't need to post on two different websites.

After this "blogger" page is done I can then link it to and it will be live for you guys to start sharing. :)


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Update from Haichi's mom: He is the king of the house.


Loba weighs 60 pounds and is extremely underweight for her size. Please consider making a donation for her vet care.. no donation is too small. PayPal: